Takatenjin Soul of the Sensei

Takatenjin Soul of the Sensei

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Dry. Zesty Cantaloupe. White Pepper Notes.

Named after the award-winning former Toji who was recognized for creating one of Japan's most highly regarded sake.


This sake commemorates the life of the previous Toji who was a Brew Master Sensei and one of the “Four Guardians of Heaven” from the prestigious Noto Toji Guild. The brewery continues its former sensei's traditions with this clean, dry and rich brew which is considered one of Japan's most highly regarded sake. A rare combination of concentrated fruit aromatics and dry mouthfeel in a Junmai Daiginjo.


Aromas of clean honeydew rind and grainy rice with a touch of earth. Soft and rich but maintains tightness and structure. While zesty cantaloupe and dry anise dominate up front, the finish is dry with white pepper and jasmine notes.


Grilled prawns, goat cheese, or tuna tartare


Serve: Slightly Chilled

Grade: Junmai Daiginjo

Polished: 50%

Rice: Yamada Nishiki

Alcohol: 16.8%

Size: 720ml


Located in Shizuoka, a region of endless sunshine and pristine water sources, Doi brewery has been making sake since 1868. They stand out as an iconic producer of the fruity, dry style of sake that the area is known for. The pure water was put on the map for tea and wasabi production, both requiring delicate water much like sake.

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