“Brilliant execution of the trip.  The humbling nature of being invited into their homes, hearing their stories, and realizing the risks many of them took, will last a lifetime.  I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know but you have an absolute gem in Lizzy Butler. I cannot imagine anyone else that could have handled our strong minded group any better. Her perfect balance of enthusiasm, knowledge, and positive energy is like nothing I've ever experienced. The world would be a better place with more Lizzy Butler’s in it!!! You are an extraordinary gift. Thank you.” –Michael, MA

“The most amazing trip of my life so far. Seriously, not only the best wine trip, but one of the coolest travel experiences I've ever had. A truly immersive experience that will forever have an impact on me. I cant be more thankful for this trip and I'm so elated to have such a connection to Chile now. I cannot wait to come back!” –Christanna, NC

“So many unsuspected elements/surprises. Such a range of terrain/conditions. Such a generosity/hospitality on behalf of the producers, during such a busy time for them. Incredible food, wine and company on this trip. I will never forget what I learned here.” –Joe, CO

“I want to thank you for providing me the opportunity to discover not only Chile, but myself. Before I arrived in Chile, I felt so lost, so incredibly lost. I felt my pursuit of wine knowledge had no soul behind it. This trip allowed myself to reconnect with my soul, and my love of wine. You put wind back in my sails. I am eternally grateful.” –Jienna, CA

“This was an incredible journey through Chile. I have learned so much about Chile and people here and the passion they put into their culture here. The trip was put together so well and was a great balance of learning, encouraging the sharing of the culture and genuine love.” –Jenica, CO

“A truly amazing adventure that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Your leadership, spirit and glowing energy is a true inspiration to me and it motivates me to become a better wine professional and human being. Each one of the amazing wineries in the vine connections portfolio are so fortunate to have you as their ambassador. I can honestly say that I have learned more from you in the last week, than I have in the last several years in the industry.” –Toby, NC

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